You can provision a machine by booting into a WinPE environment and then installing an operating system using a Windows Imaging File Format (WIM) image of an existing Windows reference machine.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as a tenant administrator or business group manager.

Gather the following information from your fabric administrator:


The name and location of the WinPE ISO image.


The name of the WIM file, the UNC path to the WIM file, and the index used to extract the desired image from the WIM file.


The user name and password under which to map the WIM image path to a network drive on the provisioned machine.


(Optional) If you do not want to accept the default, K, the drive letter to which the WIM image path is mapped on the provisioned machine.


For vCenter Server integrations, the vCenter Server guest operating system version with which vCenter Server is to create the machine.


(Optional) For SCVMM integrations, the ISO, virtual hard disk, or hardware profile to attach to provisioned machines.


Your fabric administrator might have provided this information in a build profile.


Blueprint information settings control who can access a blueprint, how many machines they can provision with it, and how long to archive a machine after the lease period is over.


The build information settings determine how a machine is provisioned.


Machine resource settings control the resources consumed by a machine provisioned with your blueprint.


WIM provisioning requires a number of custom properties to locate the WIM image and WinPE.


Use blueprint actions and entitlements together to maintain detailed control over provisioned machines.