The build information settings determine how a machine is provisioned.


Click the Build Information tab.


Select whether machines provisioned from this blueprint are classified as Desktop or Server from the Blueprint type drop-down menu.

This information is for record-keeping and licensing purposes only.


Select NetApp FlexClone from the Action drop-down menu.


Select CloneWorkflow from the Provisioning workflow drop-down menu.


Click the Browse icon next to the Clone from text box.


Select a template to clone.

The list includes all templates for all reservations. No validation is available to ensure that the template you select exists in the reservation used to provision a machine from this blueprint.


Click OK.


(Optional) Type the name of the customization specification in the Customization spec text box.

A customization specification is required only if you are cloning with static IP addresses. However, you cannot perform customizations of Windows machines without a customization specification object. For Linux clone machines, you can use a customization specification, an external script, or both to perform customizations.

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