The vCloud Director integration features are available when you use vCloud Automation Center.

A compound object composed of one or more machines that vCloud Automation Center can provision and manage as a single entity. A vCloud Director vApp is referenced by a vApp blueprint, which is composed of vApp component blueprints.

A machine blueprint that is part of a vCloud Director vApp. A vApp component blueprint is referenced by a vApp blueprint.

A machine that is managed invCloud Automation Center as part of a vCloud Director vApp. A vApp can include multiple component machines provisioned using the same vApp component blueprint or different vApp component blueprints.

Administrators can provision several machines with a single request using either vCloud Director or vCloud Automation Center multiple-machine services.

Mapping Between Entities in vCloud Director and vCloud Automation Center

vCloud Director Entity

vCloud Automation Center Entity


vCloud Director server


A vCloud Automation Center endpoint can be mapped to a vCloud Director or the combination of a vCloud Director server and an organization, which provides access only to the relevant organization's virtual datacenters.


business group

User roles and membership in vCloud Director organizations and vCloud Automation Center business groups are maintained independently in each tool.

organization virtual datacenter

compute resource

vCloud Automation Center enforces a one-to-one mapping between a compute resource and a virtual datacenter with one or many reservations.

vApp template

vApp blueprint

A vApp blueprint must specify a vApp template from which to clone a vApp and one or more virtual machines in vCloud Director. A blueprint in vCloud Automation Center that is specific to a business group is analogous to a template that is part of an organization’s catalog. Global blueprints are analogous to templates in a public catalog.


vApp machine

vApps are containers for component machines. vCloud Automation Center extends the vApp to add additional life cycle management features.

virtual machine

vApp component machine

A component machine is managed through its vApp and as an individual machine in vCloud Automation Center.

For more information, see Foundations and Concepts.