Limitations and considerations exist for vCloud Director vApps in vCloud Automation Center.

As you prepare to provision vCloud Director vApps in vCloud Automation Center, be mindful of the following considerations.

If you import a vApp with multiple component virtual machines into vCloud Automation Center but the import process fails for one or more component machines, you cannot import any of the virtual machines that failed the import process.

When you configure vCloud Automation Center for vCloud Director, if you have users who are configured in the vCloud Director identity store as LDAP users, configure these users for LDAP in the vCloud Automation Center identity store so that the same set of users are available in both products.

The following actions are not supported in vCloud Automation Center.

Creating vApp templates

Defining vApp blueprints without specifying a vApp template

Moving vApps between virtual datacenters

Moving virtual machines between reservations

Adding or removing components from a vApp

Creating or using vApp snapshots

Using a static IP address