Adding custom properties to a blueprint gives you detailed control over provisioned machines.


Click the Properties tab.


(Optional) Select one or more build profiles from the Build profiles menu.

Build profiles contain groups of custom properties. Fabric administrators can create build profiles.


(Optional) Add any custom properties to your blueprint.


Click New Property.


Type the custom property in the Name text box.


(Optional) Select the Encrypted check box to encrypt the custom property in the database.


Type the value of the custom property in the Value text box.


(Optional) Select the Prompt user check box to require the user to provide a value when they request a machine.

If you choose to prompt the user for a value, any value you provide for the custom property is presented to the user as the default. If you do not provide a default, the user cannot continue with the machine request until they provide a value for the custom property.


Click the Save icon (save icon).

Your blueprint is not finished. Do not navigate away from this page.