With the vCloud Director feature of vCloud Automation Center, users can provision vApps, and their component machines, in a virtual datacenter based on an existing vApp template.

Before you can integrate vCloud Director with vCloud Automation Center, you must install and configure your vCloud Director instance, including setting up organizations, cloud resources, and vApp templates.

The vApp request owner must be a member of the domain associated with the organization virtual datacenter on which the vApp is provisioned. The owner must exist in the organization. The organization administrator or system administrator role is also required for the endpoint credentials.

vCloud Director user roles in an organization do not need to correspond with roles in the vCloud Automation Center business group. For example, unless the vCloud Automation Center business group manager or tenant administrator needs to create templates in vCloud Director, they do not need vApp author permissions to create or edit vApp blueprints in vCloud Automation Center.

You must complete the following administrative tasks before vApp provisioning:

Configure cloud resources, including virtual datacenters and networks, to provision vApps.

Create vApp templates for vApps to provision.

For information about configuring vCloud Director, see the vCloud Director product documentation.