An IaaS administrator stores administrator-level credentials so that vCloud Automation Center can communicate with your vCloud Director endpoints. The administrator requires rights to the connection, which VMware Remote Console enables. Because the same credentials can be used for multiple endpoints, credentials are managed separately from endpoints and associated when endpoints are created or edited.

Credentials used to manage endpoints require administrator privileges.

You typically provide organization administrator credentials for vCloud Director. You can also use vCloud Director system administrator credentials. If you work regularly with multiple organizations, consider using vCloud Director system administrator credentials. Do not attempt to manage both types in the same instance of vCloud Automation Center.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as an IaaS administrator.


Select Infrastructure > Endpoints > Credentials.


Click New Credentials.


Enter a name and, optionally, a description.


Enter a user name in the User Name text box.


Type the password in the Password text boxes.


Click the Save icon (Save).

Now that your credentials are stored, you can create an endpoint. See Create a vCloud Director Endpoint.