Use the PEBuilder tool provided by vCloud Automation Center to create a WinPE ISO file that includes the vCloud Automation Center guest agent.

Install PEBuilder.

(Optional) Add any third party plugins you want to add to the WinPE image to the PlugIns subdirectory of the PEBuilder installation directory.

(Optional) Specify Custom Scripts in a PEBuilder WinPE.


Run PEBuilder.


Type the vCloud Automation Center server host name in the vCAC Hostname text box.


Type the vCloud Automation Center server port in the vCAC Port text box.


Type the path to the PEBuilder plugins directory.

This depends on the installation directory specified during installation. The default is C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCAC\PE Builder\PlugIns.


Type the output path for the ISO file you are creating in the ISO Output Path text box.

This location should be on the staging area you prepared.


Click File > Advanced.


Do not change the WinPE Architecture or Protocol settings.


Select the Include vCAC Guest Agent in WinPE ISO check box.

This inserts the Windows 32-bit guest agent into your WinPE ISO.


Click OK.


Click Build.

If you are provisioning HP iLO machines, place the WinPE image in a web-accessible location. For Dell iDRAC machines, place the image in a location available to NFS or CIFS. Record the address.