You can configure who can provision machines, how many machines they can provision, and the daily cost of machines.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as a tenant administrator or business group manager.


Select Infrastructure > Blueprints > Blueprints.


Select New Blueprint > Multi-Machine.


Enter a name and, optionally, a description.


(Optional) Select the Master check box to allow users to copy your blueprint.


Select who can provision machines with this blueprint.


Who Can Provision

If you are both a business group manager and a tenant administrator

Select the Shared blueprint check box to allow the blueprint to be entitled to users in any business group.

Deselect the Shared blueprint check box to create a local blueprint, and select a business group from the Business group drop-down menu.

Business group manager

Select a business group from the Business group drop-down menu.

Tenant administrator

Your blueprints are always shared. You cannot choose who can use them to provision machines.


Select a machine prefix from the Machine prefix drop-down menu.

You can select Use group default to accept the default machine prefix business group for the user.


(Optional) Type a number in the Maximum per user text box to limit the number of machines that a single user can provision with this blueprint.


Set the daily cost of the machine by typing the amount in the Cost (daily) text box.

This cost is for the multi-machine service plus the component machines.

Your blueprint is not finished. Do not navigate away from this page.