Machine blueprints determine a machine's attributes, the manner in which it is provisioned, and its policy and management settings. A tenant administrator or business group manager creates a multi-machine blueprint for provisioning the multi-machine service and its component machines.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as a tenant administrator or business group manager.


You can configure who can provision machines, how many machines they can provision, and the daily cost of machines.


The build information settings determine the type and number of component machines that are provisioned.


Network information settings determine the transport zone, network profile to use when provisioning, and reservation policy.


Scripting information settings specify optional provisioning, startup, and shutdown processing scripts.


Adding custom properties to a blueprint gives you detailed control over the configuration of provisioned machines. Custom properties apply to all component machines in a multi-machine service.


Use blueprint actions and entitlements together to maintain detailed control over provisioned machines.

Publish your blueprint to make it available as a catalog item. See Publish a Blueprint.