Multi-machine services are containers for their component machines. Component machines can be virtual, physical, or cloud, or any combination of the three.

The following characteristics describe multi-machine services in vCloud Automation Center:

They are defined by a blueprint that references one or more component blueprints.

They can have a lease duration associated with them.

They are not counted as a machine in reports or licensing but their component machines are counted.

Requests can be made subject to approval.

Many machine operations, such as reboot, can be performed on the multi-machine service as a whole. The requested action is performed on all of the components in the service.

Some blueprint types, such as vCloud Director blueprints, cannot be added as components of a multi-machine blueprint.

These concepts apply to multi-machine services in vCloud Automation Center.

Component Blueprint

A machine blueprint that is part of a multi-machine service. A component blueprint is referenced by a multi-machine blueprint. You can also use it to request standalone machines that are not part of a multi-machine service.

Component Machine

A machine that is managed as part of a multi-machine service. A multi-machine service might include several component machines.

Multi-machine Blueprint

A blueprint that defines a mutli-machine service.

Multi-machine Service

A compound service composed of multiple machines that vCloud Automation Center can provision and manage as a single entity.

For more information about the core concepts, see Foundations and Concepts.