The build information settings determine the type and number of component machines that are provisioned.


Click the Build Information tab.


Click the Add Blueprints icon ().

The Add Blueprints dialog box appears, listing available blueprints. The blueprints you select must be available to the same business groups as the multi-machine blueprint.


Select one or more blueprints to add and click OK.


Click the Edit icon (edit icon) next to the name of the component blueprint to edit.


Type a blueprint display name in the Name text box.


Type a minimum number of component machines in the Minimum text box.

This setting specifies the minimum number of component machines that can be included in the multi-machine service. A machine owner cannot request a multi-machine service with less than the minimum number of machines for each component type. This number determines if a multi-machine service provisioned from this blueprint is healthy. When the number of machines of a given component type that are provisioned or powered on is lower than this number, the multi-machine service is considered unhealthy and its state is set to off.


Type the maximum number of machines to be provisioned from the blueprint in the multi-machine service in the Maximum text box.

If you do not enter a value, the multi-machine service cannot have more than the minimum number of machines of this component type.


Adjust the Startup Order and Shutdown Order for the machines.

The startup and shutdown order do not apply at provisioning time. These orders are used only when you power the multi-machine service on or off after initial provisioning.


If available, type a component blueprint description in the Description text box.

This text box might be read-only.


Click Edit in the Network column to configure network information for the component blueprint.


Repeat the steps to edit your component machines as necessary.


(Optional) Specify the lease settings for provisioned machines, or leave blank for no expiration date.


Type the minimum number of lease days in the Minimum text box.

If you only provide a minimum, this number becomes the value for all machines provisioned from this blueprint.


(Optional) Type the maximum number of lease days in the Maximum text box to allow users to select their own settings within the range that you provide.

Your blueprint is not finished. Do not navigate away from this page.