For virtual machines provisioned by using cloning or Linux kickstart/autoYaST provisioning and cloud machines provisioned in Red Hat OpenStack by using kickstart, it is possible to assign static IP addresses from a predefined range.

By default, vCloud Automation Center uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to assign IP addresses to provisioned machines.

Fabric administrators can create network profiles to define a range of static IP addresses that can be assigned to machines. Network profiles can be assigned to specific network paths on a reservation. Any cloud machine or virtual machine provisioned by cloning or kickstart/autoYaST that is attached to a network path that has an associated network profile is provisioned using static IP address assignment.

Tenant administrators or business group managers can also assign network profiles to blueprints by using the custom property VirtualMachine.NetworkN.ProfileName. If a network profile is specified in both the blueprint and the reservation, the profile specified in the blueprint takes precedence.

When a machine that has a static IP address is destroyed, its IP address is made available for use by other machines. The process to reclaim static IP addresses runs every 30 minutes, so unused addresses may not be available immediately after the machines using them are destroyed. If there are not available IP addresses in the network profile, machines cannot be provisioned with static IP assignment on the associated network path.