Build information settings determine how a machine is provisioned and control the resources consumed by a machine provisioned from your blueprint.


Click the Build Information tab.


Select whether machines provisioned from this blueprint are classified as Desktop or Server from the Blueprint type drop-down menu.

This information is for record-keeping and licensing purposes only.


Select CloudProvisioningWorkflow from the Provisioning workflow drop-down menu.


Click the Browse icon next to the OpenStack image text box.


Select a virtual machine image from the list.


Ensure that you select an image that is appropriate for the workflow that you selected. For example, only select kickstart images when you use the CloudLinuxKickstartWorkflow, and only select WIM images when you use the CloudWIMImageWorkflow. Using an image with the wrong workflow can result in a machine that appears to be successfully provisioned and ready to use when it is actually waiting for input in the Red Hat OpenStack provider.


Click OK.


Select a key pair generation method from the Key pair drop-down menu.



Not Specified

Select to control key pair behavior at the reservation level rather than the blueprint level.

Auto Generated per Business Group

Each machine provisioned in the same business group has the same key pair. If you delete the business group, its key pair is also deleted.

Auto Generated per Machine

Each machine has a unique key pair.

If you select Not Specified in both the reservation and the blueprint, machines provisioned from this blueprint have no key pair.


Select one or more Flavors check boxes to select one or more flavors that users can select from when they submit a machine request.

Selecting one or more flavors updates values in the # CPUs, Memory, and Storage (GB) text boxes. Review the minimum and maximum machine resource values and adjust your instance type selections as desired.


(Optional) Specify the lease settings for provisioned machines, or leave blank for no expiration date.


Type the minimum number of lease days in the Minimum text box.

If you only provide a minimum, this number becomes the value for all machines provisioned from this blueprint.


(Optional) Type the maximum number of lease days in the Maximum text box to allow users to select their own settings within the range that you provide.

Your blueprint is not finished. Do not navigate away from this page.

Your blueprint is not finished. Do not navigate away from this page.