There are several methods you can use with vCloud Automation Center to provision cloud machines.

Most of these options require some additional configuration outside of vCloud Automation Center.

Choosing a Cloud Provisioning Method


Supported Platforms

Provisioning Method

Launch an instance from an Amazon Machine Image.

Amazon AWS

Amazon Machine Image

See Preparing for Amazon Provisioning.

Launch an instance from a virtual machine image.

Red Hat OpenStack

virtual machine image

See Preparing for Virtual Machine Image Provisioning.

Provision a machine by booting from an ISO image, using a kickstart or autoYaSt configuration file and a Linux distribution image to install the operating system on the machine.

Red Hat OpenStack

Linux Kickstart

See Preparing for Linux Kickstart Provisioning.

Provision a machine by booting into a WinPE environment and installing an operating system using a Windows Imaging File Format (WIM) image of an existing Windows reference machine.

Red Hat OpenStack

WIM Image

See Preparing for WIM Provisioning.