To log in to an Amazon machine as an administrator, you must discover the machine's administrator password.

The administrator password is available on the Machine Information Details page. If the Amazon machine image from which the machine was provisioned is not configured to generate the administrator password on every boot, you will need to find the password using an alternate technique. For information about otherwise obtaining the administrator password, search on Connect to Your Amazon EC2 Instance topics in Amazon documentation.

If needed, you can create the necessary vCloud Automation Center user credentials. The user credentials are then valid for subsequent logins to that machine.

The Amazon machine has already been provisioned.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as a machine owner, business group manager, or support user.

RDP or SSH is active on the Amazon machine image that will be used for provisioning

The machines are in a security group in which the correct ports are open.


Navigate to the Items page and filter on the groups you manage or a specific group.


Select the Amazon machine in the list of machines.

You can click View Details on the Actions drop-down menu to display details such as machine type.


Select Edit in the Actions drop-down menu.


Click Show Administrator Password to obtain the administrator password of the machine.

Alternatively, you can obtain the password using an external Amazon procedure.


Click Connect Using RDP from the Actions drop-down menu.


Click User another account when prompted for the login credentials.


Type LOCAL\Administrator when prompted for the user name.


Type the administrator password when prompted.


Click OK.

You are now logged in to the machine as an administrator.


Add your vCloud Automation Center credentials as appropriate. For example, on a Windows server machine, open the server manager and select Configuration > Local Users and Groups and add your credentials, using a DOMAIN\username format, to the Remote Desktop Users group.

Your vCloud Automation Center user name and password are now valid credentials for subsequent login to this machine.


Log out of the Amazon machine.


Click Connect Using RDP from the Actions drop-down menu.


When prompted to log in, type your vCloud Automation Center user name and password credentials to log in to the machine.

Machine owners can now log in to the machine using their vCloud Automation Center credentials.