Tenant administrators or business group managers use blueprint actions and entitlements to maintain detailed control over provisioned machines.

Entitlements control which machine operations specific users can access. Blueprint actions control which machine operations can be performed on machines provisioned from a blueprint. For example, if you disable the option to reprovision machines created from a blueprint, then the option to reprovision a machine created from the blueprint does not appear for any users. If you enable the reprovision machine operation, then users who are entitled to reprovision machines can reprovision machines created from this blueprint.


The options that appear on the Actions tab depend on your platform and any customizations made to your vCloud Automation Center instance.


Click the Actions tab.


(Optional) Select the check boxes for each machine option to enable for machines provisioned from this blueprint.


Click OK.

Your blueprint is saved.

Publish your blueprint to make it available as a catalog item. See Publish a Blueprint.