You can integrate BMC BladeLogic with vCloud Automation Center to enable deployment of BMC BladeLogic software jobs on machines provisioned by vCloud Automation Center. Custom properties can be used to specify whether these jobs can be selected by the requesting user on a per-machine basis or applied to all machines provisioned from a particular blueprint.

The following is a high-level overview of the requirements for integrating BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager with vCloud Automation Center:

A system administrator verifies that BMC BladeLogic Operations Manger or BMC Server Automation Console 8.2 is installed on the same host as your external provisioning integration (EPI) agent.

A system administrator sets the PowerShell execution policy to RemoteSigned. See Set the PowerShell Execution Policy to RemoteSigned.

A system administrator installs at least one EPI agent. See Install an EPI Agent for BMC BladeLogic.

A system administrator configures how software jobs are deployed. See Integrate BMC BladeLogic.

A tenant administrator or a business group manager creates a blueprint that enables the deployment of software jobs. See Creating BMC BladeLogic Blueprints.