The IaaS administrator and fabric administrator roles are responsible for configuring the fabric to enable provisioning of infrastructure services. Fabric configuration is system-wide and is shared across all tenants.

An IaaS administrator creates an endpoint to configure access to an infrastructure source. When the connection to an infrastructure source is established, vCloud Automation Center collects information about the compute resources available through that source. The IaaS administrator can then organize those resources into fabric groups and assign a fabric administrator to manage each group.

In addition to managing physical machines and compute resources in a fabric group, fabric administrators also manage cross-tenant configuration such as machine prefixes.

A tenant administrator creates business groups and designates managers for each group.

After business groups are created, a fabric administrator can create reservations. A reservation allocates provisioning resources in the fabric group to a specific business group. Optionally, the fabric administrator can configure policies such as reservation policies that control placement of provisioned machines, or cost profiles that associate a cost with the use of specific compute resources.

When the fabric administrator has created reservations, the tenant administrator or business group managers can create machine blueprints and publish them to the catalog.