The Advanced Service Designer includes a form designer that you can use to design submission and details forms for blueprints, resources, and actions. Based on the presentation of the workflows, the form designer dynamically generates default forms and fields you can use to modify the default forms.

You can create interactive forms that the users can complete for submission of catalog items and resource actions. You can also create read-only forms that define what information the users can see on the details view for a catalog item or a provisioned resource.

As you create objects in the Advanced Service Designer, forms are generated for common use cases.

Advanced Service Designer Object Types and Associated Forms

Object Type

Default Form

Additional Forms

Service blueprint

Request submission form based on the presentation of the selected workflow.

Catalog item details (read-only)

Submitted request details (read-only)

Custom resource

Resource details form based on the attributes of the vCenter Orchestrator plug-in inventory type (read-only).


Resource action

Action submission form based on the presentation of the selected workflow.

Submitted action details (read-only)

You can modify the default forms and design new forms. You can drag fields to add and reorder them on the form. You can place constraints on the values of certain fields, specify default values, or provide instructional text for the end user who is completing the form.

Because of their different purposes, the operations you can perform to design read-only forms are limited compared to the operations for designing submission forms.