System-wide roles are typically assigned to an IT system administrator. In some organizations, the IaaS administrator and fabric administrator roles might be the responsibility of a cloud administrator.

The system administrator is typically the person who installs vCloud Automation Center and is responsible for ensuring its availability for other users. The system administrator creates tenants and manages system-wide configuration such as system defaults for branding and notification providers. This role is also responsible for monitoring system logs.

In a single-tenant deployment, the same person might also act as the tenant administrator.

IaaS administrators manage endpoints and endpoint credentials, create fabric groups, and configure virtualization proxy agents. They also manage cloud service accounts and physical machines and storage devices. They also monitor logs that are specific to IaaS.

A fabric administrator is the administrator of one or more fabric groups. Fabric administrators manage physical machines and compute resources in their groups and the reservations and reservation policies associated with those resources. They also manage build profiles, machine prefixes, and the property dictionary that are used across all tenants and business groups.