Some provisioning platforms support reconfiguration of existing machines to modify specifications for CPU, memory, storage, or networks. A machine owner can request a reconfiguration when the machine is in either the On or Off state.

Reconfiguration requests can be subject to approval like any other request, based on entitlements and approval policies.

After the request is approved, the reconfiguration is ready to be run. You can run the reconfiguration at the following times:

Immediately. The reconfiguration is queued to run after all required approvals are given.

Scheduled. The machine owner specifies a date and time to run the reconfiguration. Reconfiguration can be rescheduled if the request is not approved until after the scheduled time.

Queue for Owner. The reconfiguration must be triggered manually by the machine owner after all approvals are given.

Before proceeding with the reconfiguration, IaaS validates that any additional resources that were requested are available on the machine's current reservation. If the reconfiguration request decreases the amount of resources that the machine uses, these resources are not deallocated and made available to other requests until after the reconfiguration finishes successfully.

If the reconfiguration fails, any additional resources, such as storage, that were allocated in anticipation of the reconfiguration are deallocated and made available to other machine requests. The machine owner can retry the reconfiguration without an additional approval process, or cancel the reconfiguration.