Infrastructure sources can include a group of virtualization compute resources, a cloud service account, or a physical management interface.

An IaaS administrator configures an infrastructure source by specifying the endpoint details and credentials that vCloud Automation Center can use to communicate with the source.

vCloud Automation Center collects information about all configured infrastructure sources at regular intervals. This information includes virtualization hosts, templates, and ISO images for virtualization environments; virtual datacenters for vCloud Director; regions and machines provisioned on them for Amazon; and installed memory and CPU count for physical management interfaces.

Examples of Infrastructure Source Endpoints

Infrastructure Source


vSphere (vCenter)

vCenter server

Hyper-V (SCVMM)

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager server


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization server

vCloud Director

vCloud Director server

Amazon AWS

Cloud service account

Dell iDrac or HP iLO

Single standalone machine

Cisco UCS Manager

Pool of physical machines

For a complete list of supported infrastructure source endpoints, see the vCloud Automation Center Support Matrix.