You use machine prefixes to generate the names of provisioned machines. Machine prefixes are shared across all tenants.

Every business group has a default machine prefix. Every blueprint must have a machine prefix or use the group default prefix.

Fabric administrators are responsible for managing machine prefixes. A prefix is a base name to be followed by a counter of a specified number of digits. For example, a prefix of g1dw for group1 and developer workstation, with a counter of three digits produces machines named g1dw001, g1dw002, and so on. A prefix can also specify a number other than 1 to start the counter.

When tenant administrators create a business group, they must assign one of the existing machine prefixes as its default. This assignment does not restrict business group managers from choosing a different prefix when they create blueprints. A tenant administrator can change the default prefix of a business group at any time. The new default prefix is used in the future, but does not affect previously provisioned machines.