For some users, when they register a new vCloud Director, vCloud Automation Center, or Amazon EC2 cloud provider, a peer authentication error appears.

Could not connect to the cloud provider at HostName: An error occurred with the cloud provider: peer not authenticated

The certificate of the cloud provider is signed by a certificate authority that is not in the openssl trusted list of the Application Services server.


Use the administrator credentials to connect to the cloud provider.


Export and save the certificate file of the vCloud Director, vCloud Automation Center, or Amazon EC2 server from a supported Web browser.

If you are using the Firefox browser, save the top-level certificate authority and all of the intermediary certificate authorities.


Import the certificate to the Application Services appliance.

Verify that the certificate is not expired.


From the command prompt, log in as root and add the certificate file to the Application Services appliance trusted list.

keytool -importcert -trustcacerts -alias UniqueAlias -file CertFilePath.crt -storepass "" -keystore /home/darwin/keystore/appd.truststore


For Amazon EC2, open the /etc/init.d/vmware-darwin-tcserver file and append the CATALINA_OPTS: command.


Restart the Application Services server.

sudo service vmware-darwin-tcserver restart