During an application deployment or an update process, a service is set to reboot so that the agent bootstrap can restart the virtual machine after an action script runs successfully. If the action script runs beyond the default deployment time, the deployment or update process fails.

Action scripts in the application that take more than 15 minutes to provision and reboot might cause the deployment or an update process to fail.

The task scheduler that pings the server times out after 15 minutes.


Use the SSH client to log in to the Using Application Services appliance as the user darwin_user.


Open a command prompt.


Switch user to root.

sudo su -

Open the /etc/init.d/vmware-darwin-tcserver file.


In the CATALINA_OPTS section, change the java system nodetask.time out property to more than 15 minutes.


Restart the Using Application Services server.

sudo service vmware-darwin-tcserver restart