During an application deployment, one of the tasks in the execution plan failed.

When a task fails during deployment the following error message appears.

Run failed due to failure of task (NodeName,TaskName).

An execution plan task might fail for one of the following reasons.

A property of type content is not set to a valid URL. The agent log displays the following message:

Exception while running task (<node name>,<task name>), message Cannot fetch
		content, url is not
		accessible or invalid. cause IOException: Server returned HTTP response code:
		500 for URL: Run failed
		due to failure of task (<node name>,<task name>)

A property name contains hyphens and other characters that are not valid for shell scripts.

The repository URL is not set to the correct operating system version.

Action scripts might need Java installed on the cloud template and Java is not installed in the cloud template.


Expand the Execution Plan status window on the deployment summary page and identify the task that failed.


If the node is clustered, click the Expand Cluster button (Expand Cluster button) first.


Click the View Task Information button (View task details) and select View Virtual Machine Logs from the drop-down menu.


If the task log does not indicate the failure, examine the agent logs in the deployed virtual machine.



Linux-based virtual machine

Navigate to the /opt/vmware-appdirector/agent/log directory.

Windows-based virtual machine

Navigate to the \opt\vmware-appdirector\bootstrap.log and \windows\system32\darwin-agentDate.log files.