Deployment fails because of the lack of sufficient resources in the cloud environment.

You might see the following error messages.

com.vmware.darwin.exceptions.CloudException: CALOperationException: Unable to compose
		vapp 'appd-xxx-1.0.0-admin-1028-0b37d0cf-1b0d-42a2-8212-a048e01bcb'
An error occurred in the cloud:
		sendPowerOn: There are insufficient CPU or memory resources to complete the
Error in vCloud: There are
		insufficient IP addresses to complete the operation. You need to add IP
		addresses to the network that is associated with the object being created or

The deployment error occurs because of one of the following reasons.

Insufficient resources, such as IP addresses or storage, in the cloud.

The virtual machine in vCloud Director has exceeded the available CPU or memory.

Insufficient IP addresses in the vCloud Director network.

Designate sufficient IP addresses or storage.


Check the virtual machine logs or the vFabric tc Server log in the Using Application Services appliance for more detailed error messages from the cloud.


Assign additional IP addresses to the network where the application is being deployed.


For vCloud Director, check if the organization vDC has enough storage.


Delete unwanted deployments from Using Application Services to free some IP addresses and storage space.

Allocate sufficient CPU or memory.


Reconfigure CPU or memory allocation in vCloud Director.


Delete unwanted virtual machines that are consuming the same pool of resources in vCloud Director.