Application Services provides sample Puppet services that an application architect can add to the logical template to associate the Puppet module in the node definition to the corresponding node on the Puppet Master.

Use the predefined sample catalog service only in a test environment.

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Puppet MYSQL Server

The puppet MYSQL server represents the Puppet class called mysql::server, which is part of the puppetlabs-mysql module created by Puppetlabs.

You must complete the following prerequisites to use this service:

Register a Puppet Master with Application Services.

The registered Puppet Master must have the puppetlabs-mysql module version 0.9.0.

The Puppet MYSQL Server service includes the following properties to customize a service in your application:

appd_class_name. Indicates the class name. Do not modify the value of this system defined property.

enabled. Indicates whether the mysql service is in the started or stopped state.

service_provider. Indicates the operating system-specific service provider to manage the mysql daemon.

config_hash. Indicates the mysql server configuration specified in the hash syntax as specified by the Puppet Domain Specific Language. For information about possible config values, see the puppetlabs-mysql module documentation.

manage_service. Indicates if Puppet should manage the service configuration and life cycle.

package_ensure. Indicates that when the property state is set to present, the latest code for the package is downloaded from the repository.

package_name. Indicates the operating system specific package name for installing the mysql server.

service_name. Indicates the name of the service or daemon.

RHEL 6.4.0 32-bit

RHEL 6.4.0 64-bit

RHEL 6.1.0 32-bit

RHEL 6.1.0 64-bit

CentOS 6.4.0 32-bit

CentOS 6.4.0 64-bit

CentOS 6.3.0 32-bit

CentOS 6.3.0 64-bit

CentOS 5.9.0 32-bit

CentOS 5.9.0 64-bit

Ubuntu 12.4.2 32-bit

Ubuntu 12.4.2 64-bit

SLES 11.2.0 64-bit


Puppet Services

To deploy predefined sample applications or add predefined tasks to an execution deployment plan, see the Using Application Services documentation.