With Application Services, you can model your application deployment, create dependencies, and edit the application configurations.

You can specify applications as shared throughout the tenant or private to the owning business group. When you share an application, all of the components in the application blueprint such as logical templates, services, and external services must be explicitly shared. Deployment profiles associated with the application are not shared. They are always private to the owning business group.

Log in to Application Services as an application architect.

For ideas about how to name the application and what text to put in the description text boxes, see the predefined applications already included on the Applications page. To see these applications, you must log in as a user that is a member of the Default business group.


On the Application Services title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Applications.


Click Add Create New Application.


Enter the name of the application in the Name text box.


(Optional) Enter a description of the application in the Description text box.


Select the owning business group for the application in the Business Group drop-down menu.


Select the sharing status of the application in the Sharing drop-down menu.

Only members of the owning business group can access a private application. Members of all business groups in the tenant can access a shared application.


Click Save.