Application Services provides a graphical user interface for checking the status of application deployments in real time on the composite deployment summary page.

You can also use the vCloud Director and vCloud Automation Center user interfaces to check the status of the deployed virtual machines. To view the status of a Application Services deployment in an Amazon VPC and associated Availability Zone, see Amazon AWS Documentation.

On the composite deployment summary page, when deployments are running, the overall deployment status of the deployments appear in the toolbar. The page also displays the order, status, deployment names, deployment profile names, deployment environments, applications, application versions, the logged-in user who started the process, the start times, and the end times of the deployments.

The names in the Deployment Name column are links to the deployment summary pages of the respective deployment profiles. Clicking a name opens the deployment summary page for the deployment profile. For information about the deployment summary page, see Using the Deployment Summary Page.

After the deployments finish, the status bar turns red or green depending on the success or failure of the tasks in the deployments.