To map an existing logical template to another cloud template or add preinstalled services, you can edit a logical template version.

Log in to Application Services as an application cloud administrator and an application publisher and deployer.

Create cloud templates in vCloud Director, vCloud Automation Center, or Amazon EC2 that meet the requirements for working properly in Application Services. See Virtual Machine Requirements for Creating vCloud Director Custom Templates, Virtual Machine Requirements for Creating vCloud Automation Center Custom Templates, Virtual Machine Requirements for Creating Amazon EC2 Custom Templates.

If the application requires access to URLs from outside the corporate firewall, configure the applicable services and application components to use a proxy. See Configure Application Services to Use a Proxy for External URLs.

Verify whether you must add items to the operating systems and descriptive tag lists. See Add Operating Systems to the Library and Add Tags to the Library.

If you plan to have application or services preinstalled in a template, create and configure the services. See Add a Service to the Library.

Verify that you are a member of the business group that owns the logical template version.

If you are not part of the business group that owns the logical template version, the Copy and Edit buttons are disabled.


On the Application Services title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Library > Logical Templates.


Copy a logical template from an existing logical template version.


Open the logical template version and click Copy in the toolbar.

All of the cloud templates, services, operating systems, and a list of descriptive tags to identify application components are retained. You cannot change the name of the existing logical template version.


Change the version number, update the description, and if needed update the cloud provider, cloud template, or services.

The version number and description differentiates the new logical template from the parent version.

A best practice is to create a copy of the template to preserve the original for future reference.


Click Save.


To change existing cloud provider, cloud template, or services for a logical template, click Edit in the toolbar, make your changes, and click Save.

If you have an older version of a logical template, you can delete it from the library. See Delete a Logical Template from the Library.