A cloud provider of type vCAC-5.2 migrates and its type changes to vCAC-6.1.0.

If the Application Director 6.0.1 appliance uses a vCAC-5.2 cloud provider, you must migrate the corresponding vCloud Automation Center 5.2 instance to a vCloud Automation Center 6.0.1 instance, and then upgrade the vCloud Automation Center 6.0.1 instance in place to vCloud Automation Center 6.1.

The business group for the cloud provider must have the same name as the provisioning group of the cloud provider in vCloud Automation Center 5.2.

Log in to Application Services as an application cloud administrator.

You must be a member of the owning business group of the cloud provider.

Ensure that the migrated user names and passwords apply to the target cloud provider.


On the Application Services title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Clouds > Cloud Providers.


Open the migrated cloud provider of type vCAC.


Click Edit in the toolbar.


Enter the fully qualified domain name, IP address, or URL of the vCloud Automation Center 6.1 instance of the migrated cloud provider.


Enter the correct user name and password for the migrated cloud provider.


Click Validate Connection.

A green check mark appears for a valid connection.


Click Save in the toolbar.