After you install Application Services, you must determine who can use what type of objects in Application Services and what tasks those users or groups of users are authorized to perform. You use vCloud Automation Center to create user groups and business groups and assign user roles, entitlements, and approvals in both Application Services and vCloud Automation Center.

You can selectively assign administrative permissions by assigning roles to specific users and user groups. You can limit access to specific deployment environments and cloud templates by assigning the objects and their users or groups to the same business group. User groups let you assign roles and entitlements to more than one user at a time. Business groups let you associate a set of services and resources in Application Services with a set of users.

User roles specify which functions a user can perform in Application Services. These functions include managing the library, managing the cloud providers and deployment environments, creating applications, and deploying applications.

Application Services has the following roles.



Application Architect

Creates, modifies, and deletes applications.

Application Catalog Administrator

Defines services, templates, operating systems, tasks, and tags.

Application Cloud Administrator

Defines resources and deployment environments.

Application Publisher and Deployer

Deploys applications into the vCloud Automation Center catalog.

Creates, updates, and publishes services, library items, and actions.

You must log in to vCloud Automation Center as a tenant administrator to assign roles for Application Services. For more information on managing users, user groups, and business groups, see the vCloud Automation Center 6.1 documentation.