When you migrate a vCloud Application Director 6.0.1 appliance that has Puppet-controlled deployments, you must set up a new Puppet Master for the Application Services 6.1 instance so that new or existing Puppet-controlled deployments can function.

Verify that Puppet Enterprise version 3.0.1 to 3.2.3 or Puppet Open Source version 3.2.4 to 3.6.2 is installed.

Verify that you have the latest supported version of the Puppet agents installed. See the Puppet Labs documentation Web site for the agent installation instructions.

Make sure that there is a client machine available with Puppet installed besides the Puppet Master.

Make sure the system times for the Application Services and the Puppet Master servers are synchronized. You can use an NTP server for this purpose. The time difference between the two servers cannot be more than 60 seconds.


Download the appdintegn.rb and appdintegn.ddl agent files.




Copy the appdintegn.rb and appdintegn.ddl agent files to the LIBDIR/mcollective/agent directory on the Puppet Master.

LIBDIR is the value of the MCollective libdir setting that is typically set to /opt/puppet/libexec/mcollective/.


Restart MCollective to view the newly copied agent files.

On Puppet Enterprise, enter /etc/init.d/pe-mcollective restart.

On Puppet Open Source, enter /etc/init.d/mcollective restart.