After configuring the appliance and registering it with the vCloud Automation Center server, and optionally importing the predefined sample content, you can open the Web interface to explore and work.


Enter a password for the Application Services admin user account and press Enter.


At the prompt, re-enter the password to confirm it and press Enter.

The bootup script starts the necessary services and displays the URL for accessing the Application Services server.


Navigate to the Application Services server with a supported browser.

The URL format is https://Application_Services_IP_or_hostname:8443/darwin/org/tenantURL, where tenantURL is the tenant URL name.


Log in as a vCloud Automation Center tenant administrator or tenant user who has one or more Application Services roles assigned. The user must belong to at least one business group in the tenant.

The browser opens the Web interface. See Using the Application Services Web Interface.


Shut down the Application Services appliance you deployed in vCloud Director, from the vCloud Director user interface. Do not use vCenter Server to shut down the appliance.

If the darwin_user is locked due to multiple failed login attempts, you need to unlock the account to proceed. See Unlock Your darwin_user Account.

Log in to Application Services and familiarize yourself with the product features. See Log In to Application Services and Using the Application Services Web Interface.

Register a cloud provider for your cloud environment. See Register the vCloud Director Cloud Provider and Template, Register the vCloud Automation Center Cloud Provider and Template, or Register the Amazon EC2 Cloud Provider and Template.