You can start a policy scan on a deployment to evaluate all of the policy instances defined under the deployment environment that corresponds to a deployment. Application Services runs a policy assessment as the first step when you initiate a deployment or update process.

Policy scans can be performed only on active deployments. For example, if an update process fails, you must restore the state of the current deployment to active before retrying the policy scan.

If a policy used in the deployment environment for a policy instance is updated, the user must delete the existing policy instance and create a policy instance based on the updated policy.

Log in to Application Services as an application publisher and deployer.

Verify that a policy or policy instance has changed.

Verify that deployments with the obsolete policy definitions are available in Application Services.


On the Application Services title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Deployments.


Enter the name of the existing deployment to scan in the search text box.


From the search result list, select the deployment to scan.

The deployment summary page opens.


In the toolbar above the deployment summary, select Operations > Scan.


Confirm the scan deployment process.

The compliance summary page opens to display the overall compliance status and policy details. The policy scan appears in the time line with the time stamp of when the scan was initiated.

Track the policy compliance details of the deployment scan. See View Policy Compliance Summary.