You must prepare vCenter Server Linux virtual machine templates for vCloud Automation Center blueprints to create clone deployments. Application Services uses the vCloud Automation Center blueprints to deploy Linux-based applications and services to the vSphere environment.

Verify that VMware vCenter Server 5.0, 5.1, or 5.5 is installed and configured.

Verify that a supported vSphere Linux virtual machine is available. See Virtual Machine Requirements for Creating vCloud Automation Center Custom Templates.

Familiarize yourself with how to convert to a template and create a customization specification for an operating system. See vSphere documentation.

Verify that the vCenter Server virtual machine meets the Application Services virtual machine requirements. See Virtual Machine Requirements for Creating vCloud Automation Center Custom Templates.

Verify that all of the network configuration artifacts are removed from the network configuration files.


Log in to the vSphere client and open a Linux virtual machine.


Log in the virtual machine with root privileges and open a terminal.


Download the installer script http://ApplicationServicesServerIP/tools/ to the virtual machine template.

You can use the wget or scp commands to download the file.


Ensure that the installer script has permission to execute.

chmod +x ./


Run the installer script.



Answer all prompts.

If the installer script succeeds, it displays a success message. If not, the installer script displays an error message and logs on to the console.


If an error occurs, resolve it and repeat Step 4 through Step 6.


Shut down the Linux virtual machine.


In the inventory, right-click the Linux virtual machine and select Template > Convert to Template.

vCenter Server marks that virtual machine as a template and displays the task in the Recent Tasks pane.