When you create a logical template, service, or external service, you can associate one or more tags with the component.


You cannot delete a tag from the library.

Tag types are not interchangeable. Changing the tag type for example, from Server Type to Property Descriptor might cause rendering issues in the blueprint canvas or generate error messages when you attempt to use a service.

Log in to Application Services as an application cloud administrator and an application publisher and deployer.

Familiarize yourself with the preinstalled tags listed on the Tags page.


On the Application Services title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Library > Tags.


Click New.


Enter the tag name and description in the text box.


Select a tag type from the drop-down menu.

The Property Descriptor tag type appears as an option in the Auto-Bind Tags drop-down menu for a service property. The Server Type tag appears as an option in the drop-down menu when you create a service or logical template.


Click Save.

The newly created tag is listed on the Tags page. You can select the tag when you add a service, task, or logical template to the library or to an application blueprint.