You can request to scale out one or more clustered nodes in an existing deployment from the vCloud Automation Center console. You can configure only the cluster size of nodes modeled as clusters in the application blueprint.

You cannot scale out a deployment that uses a blueprint that has a mapped artifact. For more information about artifact management, see Working with Artifacts.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as a tenant administrator.

Verify that you have access to at least one deployed application with clustered nodes from vCloud Automation Center.


Select Items > Application Deployment.


Enter the name of the deployment in the search text box and click the magnifying glass icon (Browse) or press Enter.


Select the deployment from the search result list.

The Item Details page appears.


Select Scale Out from the Actions menu.

The Request Information tab on the Scale Out dialog box appears.


Enter a description in the Description text box.

This required description helps you monitor the progress of the request after submission.


(Optional) Enter the reasons for the request in the Reasons text box.


Click Next.


Enter the number of clusters to scale out by clicking the up and down arrows in the Scale out by text box.


Click Submit.

The Request confirmation box appears.


Click OK.

You can monitor the status of your scale out request on the Requests tab on the vCloud Automation Center console.