When you create a custom resource to map to an Orchestrator object type, you can edit the default generated form of the resource by modifying or deleting certain fields. You can also create a new page and move some of the properties to it, but you cannot add new properties to the form.

The fields on the Details Form page are properties of the custom resource. You can perform basic edit operations, such as deleting and rearranging the form page. You cannot add anything different from a property specific for the selected resource.

You can delete the properties that you consider unnecessary for the consumer. You can rearrange the form by using drag-and-drop. You can create a new form page and delete some of the elements on the original page and insert them into the new form page. This way, the consumer sees two tabs with reorganized elements for the custom resource.

You can edit some of the characteristics of an element on the custom resource Details Form page. Each element on the page represents a property of the custom resource. You cannot change the type of a property and the default values, but you can edit the name, size, and the description.

You can add a new page to the form of the custom resource to rearrange the available elements and to edit the form of the custom resource.

You can insert a section header to split the form into sections.

You can insert a text box to add some descriptive text to the form.