The goal navigator guides you through high-level goals that you might want to accomplish in vCloud Automation Center.

The goals you can achieve depend on your role. To complete each goal, you must complete a sequence of steps that are presented on separate pages in the vCloud Automation Center console.

The goal navigator can answer the following questions:

Where do I start?

What are all the steps I need to complete to achieve a goal?

What are the prerequisites for completing a particular task?

Why do I need to do this step and how does this step help me achieve my goal?

The goal navigator is hidden by default. You can expand the goal navigator by clicking the icon on the left side of the screen.

After you select a goal, you navigate between the pages needed to accomplish the goal by clicking each step. The goal navigator does not validate that you completed a step, or force you to complete steps in a particular order. The steps are listed in the recommended sequence. You can return to each goal as many times as needed.

For each step, the goal navigator provides a description of the task you need to perform on the corresponding page. The goal navigator does not provide detailed information such as how to complete the forms on a page. You can hide the page information or move it to a more convenient position on the page. If you hide the page information, you can display it again by clicking the information icon on the goal navigator panel.