By using resource mappings, you can publish vCenter Orchestrator workflows as resource actions for managing items provisioned by sources other than the Advanced Service Designer, for example, by IaaS or Application Services.

By creating resource mappings, you can use vCenter Orchestrator to interact with third-party provisioned resources.

Some common resource mapping workflows are included with your vCloud Automation Center installation. You can develop and run your own resource mapping workflows to map any resource type of the vCloud Automation Center catalog to an inventory type in vCenter Orchestrator. See Resource Mapping Workflows.


vCloud Automation Center provides resource mappings for vSphere virtual machines, vCloud Director virtual machines, and vCloud Director vApps. You can create additional resource mappings for other types of catalog resources.


You can create resource actions to extend the operations that the consumers of the catalog items can perform on items provisioned by sources other than the Advanced Service Designer.


The newly created resource action is in draft state, and you must publish the resource action.


After you create and publish a resource action, you can edit it and assign an icon to the action.

You can navigate to Administration > Catalog Management > Actions and see the resource action you created. Business group managers and tenant administrators can use the resource action when they create entitlements.