You install the update on the vCloud Automation Center Appliance after you upgrade and reboot the Identity Appliance. Apply the update to each instance of vCloud Automation Center Appliance that is part of your installation.

Repeat this procedure for each vCloud Automation Center Appliance in your installation. Wait for the reboot to complete on one appliance before starting the upgrade on another.

For deployments that use load balancers, make sure only the upgraded server is active in the load balancer pool and set the appliances you have not yet upgraded to offline or disabled in your load balancer.

For deployments that use clusters, make note of the order in which you upgrade the virtual appliances. The last virtual appliance you update must be the first virtual appliance you specify when you create a cluster after you upgrade the individual virtual appliances.

Select a download method and download the update. See Downloading Virtual Appliance Updates.

For high-availability deployments, Shut Down Services on the vCloud Automation Center Appliance.

Verify that the identity server is running.


Log in to the vCloud Automation Center Appliance management console and click the Update tab.


Go to the management console for your virtual appliance by using its fully qualified domain name,


Log in with the user name root and the password you specified when the appliance was deployed.


Click the Update tab.


Click Status.


Click Check Updates to verify that an update is accessible.


(Optional) For instances of vCloud Automation Center Appliance, click Details in the Appliance Version area to see information about the location of release notes.


Click Install Updates.


Click OK.

An informational message stating that the update is in progress appears. The time it takes for the update to finish depends on your site environment.


Reboot the virtual appliance.


Click the System tab.


Click Reboot and confirm your selection.


Clear the cache of the Web browser that you use to access the management console.


Verify that services are running.


Log in to the vCloud Automation Center Appliance management console.


Click the Services tab on the console.


Click the Refresh tab to monitor the progress of service startup.

You should see a minimum of twenty-one services.

If you are upgrading an installation that uses a vCloud Automation Center 6.1 cluster, you must recreate the cluster after completing the upgrade for the virtual appliances. See Recreate vCloud Automation Center Appliance Clusters after Upgrading. Clusters are required for distributed deployments that use load balancers and more than one instance of a vCloud Automation Center Appliance.

If you are upgrading an installation that does not uses clusters, your next step is to download and install the upgrade for the IaaS server. See Upgrading the IaaS Server.