Configure User Environment Manager to create Profile Cleanup content automatically, based on the settings for retrieving and storing profile information, that are defined in the Import/Export tab.


Windows Common Settings cannot be converted. Application templates can always be converted. In admin-specified Import/Export content only the [IncludeFiles], [IncludeFilesRecursively], [IncludeFolderTrees], [IncludeRegistryTrees], and [IncludeIndividualRegistryValues] sections can be converted.


Start the User Environment Manager Management Console.


Select the application that you want to configure, and open the Profile Cleanup tab.


Click Copy in the top-right corner of the tab.

The Import/Export configuration is transferred in the Profile Cleanup editor.


You can use environment variables in the registry and file system paths of the Import / Export and Profile Cleanup settings. Each line you want to expand must end with \[EXPAND ENV VARS].