ThinApp User’s Guide : Capturing Applications : Capturing Applications with the Setup Capture Wizard : Create a System Image Before the Application Installation

Create a System Image Before the Application Installation
The Setup Capture wizard starts the capture process by scanning the system to assess the environment and create a baseline system image.
Create a system image before the application installation
For example, download Firefox Setup and copy it to the clean computer you are working with.
From the desktop, select Start > Programs > VMware > ThinApp Setup Capture.
(Optional) In the Ready to Prescan dialog box, click Advanced Scan Locations to select the drives and registry hives to scan.
You might want to scan a particular location other than the C:\ drive if you install applications to a different drive. In rare cases, you might want to avoid scanning a registry hive if you know that the application installer does not modify the registry.
Click Prescan to establish a baseline system image of the hard drive and registry files.
The scanning process takes about 10 seconds for Windows XP.