ThinApp User’s Guide : Capturing Applications : Capturing Applications with the Setup Capture Wizard : Build Virtual Applications

Build Virtual Applications
You can adjust project files and build the application for deployment.
Build virtual applications in the Setup Capture wizard
(Optional) On the Ready to Build page, scan or change the project files.
You can build the package at a later time with the build.bat file in the virtual application folder. For example, a Firefox path to the build.bat file might be C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures\Mozilla Firefox\build.bat.
Click Build to build an executable package or MSI package containing the files you installed during the capture process.
(Optional) Deselect the Open folder containing project executables after clicking Finish check box to view the executable files and MSI files at a later time.
Click Finish.
You can rebuild the package at any time after you click Finish to make changes.