ThinApp User’s Guide : Deploying Applications : Building an MSI Database : Customizing MSI Files with Package.ini Parameters

Customizing MSI Files with Package.ini Parameters
You can customize the behavior of MSI files by modifying Package.ini parameters and rebuilding the application package.
The following parameters can affect MSI configuration:
The MSIInstallDirectory parameter sets the installation directory for the package.
For example, include MSIInstallDirectory=C:\Program Files\ in the Package.ini file.
The MSIDefaultInstallAllUsers parameter sets whether to install the package for all or individual users. ThinApp installs the package in the %AppData% user directory.
For example, include MSIDefaultInstallAllUsers=0 in the Package.ini file.
For more information about this parameter, see Specifying a Database Installation for Individual Users and Machines.
The MSIFileName parameter names the package.
For example, include MSIFilename=Firefox30.msi in the Package.ini file.
The MSIRequireElevatedPrivileges parameter indicates whether an installer needs elevated privileges for deployment on Microsoft Vista. Installations for individual users do not usually need elevated privileges but per-machine installations require such privileges.
For example, include MSIRequireElevatedPrivileges=1 in the Package.ini file.
The MSIProductCode parameter makes it easier to install a new version of the application. An MSI database contains a product code and an upgrade code. When you update a package, keep the original value of the MSIUpgradeCode parameter.
If the parameter value of the new version is the same as the value of the old version, the installation prompts you to remove the old version. If the values for the parameter are different, the installation un installs the old version and installs the new version.
VMware recommends that you avoid specifying an MSIProductCode value and allow ThinApp to generate a different product code for each build.
Regardless of the parameter values specified at build time, you can override the settings at deployment time. See Force MSI Deployments for Each User or Each Machine.