Updating the ThinApp Version of Packages
You can use the relink.exe utility to update an existing package or tree of packages to the latest version of ThinApp. Although you can install the latest version of ThinApp and run the build.bat utility to rebuild each target package with the latest ThinApp version, the relink.exe utility is a faster method to upgrade the ThinApp version of existing packages. You might want to update your package to benefit from the latest ThinApp features or support enhancements.
relink Examples
The relink.exe utility has an optional -Recursive flag and can target a single package or multiple packages.
relink [-Recursive] <target> [<target> ...]
For example, you can update an Adobe Reader package to the latest installed ThinApp version.
relink AdobeReader.exe
The relink.exe utility can use a wildcard pattern.
relink *.exe *.dat
The relink.exe utility can use directory names to process all ThinApp files in that directory.
relink C:MyPackages
If you specify the -Recursive flag, the relink.exe utility processes all ThinApp files in the directory and all subdirectories. This flag is intended for use only with directory names.
If the target name contains spaces, you must use double quotes.
relink "Microsoft Office Professional 2007.dat"
Enabling ThinApp Apllications for Horizon Application Manager
Relink can be used to enable a ThinApp application for Horizon Application Manager by using the -h flag. For more information see the Knowledgebase artilce 2021928.