Checking ThinApp Installation Files
The ThinApp installation generates the VMware ThinApp directory in C:\Program Files\VMware. You might check the files in this directory to perform operations such as starting the Log Monitor utility to view recent activity.
The following key files in the VMware ThinApp directory affect ThinApp operations:
AppSync.exe – Keeps captured applications up to date with the latest available version.
logging.dll – Generates .trace files.
Logging64.dll – Generates .trace files for 64 bit applications.
dll_dump.exe – Lists all captured applications that are currently running on a system.
log_monitor.exe – Displays the execution history and errors of an application.
relink.exe – Updates existing packages to the latest ThinApp version installed on the system.
sbmerge.exe – Merges runtime changes recorded in the application sandbox with the ThinApp project and updates the captured application.
Setup Capture.exe – Captures and configures applications through a wizard.
snapshot.exe – Compares the preinstallation environment and postinstallation environment during the application capture process.
ThinApp starts this utility during the setup capture process.
snapshot.ini – Stores entries for the virtual registry and virtual file system that ThinApp ignores during the process of capturing an application.
The snapshot.exe file references the snapshot.ini file. Advanced users might modify the snapshot.ini file to ensure that ThinApp does not capture certain entries when creating an application package.
template.msi – Builds the MSI files.
You can customize this template to ensure that the .msi files generated by ThinApp adhere to company deployment procedures and standards. For example, you can add registry settings that you want ThinApp to add to client computers as part of the installation.
thinreg.exe – Registers captured applications on a computer.
This registration includes setting up shortcuts and the Start menu and setting up file type associations that allow you to open applications.
tlink.exe – Links key modules during the build process of the captured application.
vftool.exe – Compiles the virtual file system during the build process of the captured application.
vregtool.exe – Compiles the virtual registry during the build process of the captured application.
ThinDirect.Admx – Is a Windowsgroup policy file, ThinDirect uses it to identify the changes in Windows registry when a group policy setting is changed.
ThinDirect.Adm – ThinDirect.adm allows you to change ThinDirect.txt files that have already been deployed to user machines.
ThinDirect.msi Installs and registers the ThinDirect plug-in and the launcher for the virtual browser.
ThinDirect.Adml ThinApp uses this file to specify the language settings for Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office.